Maria’s work as a therapist and consultant of high-profile clients varies from individual to individual but the end goal is to be there for them, and help them navigate any challenges they might be encountering (e.g.  stress, anxiety, and depression management, career and life changing events, amongst others) so they can better cope and perform at peak levels in all aspects of their lives.

Due to the nature of her clients’ busy and changing schedules, Maria keeps her practice small and exclusive to have more flexibility to meet her clients’ needs. Maria offers concierge therapy, and most of the time will meet them in the comfort of their homes, offices, on location, a private place of their choosing, or on a secure and encrypted online service if necessary. 

Confidentiality, flexibility to meet busy schedules, and first hand experience working with entertainers, artists, musicians, professional athletes, and business executives, are the key components of her practice. If you think you could benefit from an arrangement tailored to meet your needs, please email or call to arrange a consultation.