Darius P. Coleman, MA, LMHC

Optimal Performance Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist. dcoleman@optimalperformancenyc.com

Darius is a licensed psychotherapist, performance coach, team trainer, and consultant based out of New York, New York. Darius received his graduate training from New York University in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness and continues to practice in private, school-based, and organizational settings.


Darius specializes in performance coaching with Middle Childhood youth (ages 5-11) and Adolescent/ Emerging Adults (ages 12-18) experiencing test-taking anxiety, sporting performance anxiety, self-doubting, perfectionism, and identity conflict. These are students excelling in schools, preparing for a career in athletics, and/ or juggling social, cultural, personal and family pressures to perform. Areas of expertise include concrete skills training, body-mind awareness, cognitive remediation for TBI/ABI recovery, task management and multitasking, increased problem solving, assertiveness training and public speaking, frustration tolerance and anxiety management, conditioning and learning, and parental coaching. Darius contracts with the New York State Department of Education to provide internal supports to school-aged children, teachers, and admin supports.

*Online performance coaching for children/ adolescents by request. Please contact for more details.*


Darius’ adult clientele includes high-performing adults juggling multi-role priorities within high stakes environments. Darius highlights ‘role strain’ that tests your ability to perform at pivotal moments, often at the intersection of upward professional mobility, personal satisfaction, and family development/ maintenance that obstruct achieving your goals. Darius’ transparent and collaborative approach will help you problem-solve real and imagined obstacles, increase interpersonal communication, improve coping skills and performance insight, organize priorities, and foster increased productivity and outcomes. Areas of expertise include

**Online performance coaching is available to accommodate location and scheduling demands.**


Darius’ work within organizational and team structures emphasizes teamwork, conditioning, skill recognition and development, and personality assessment for maximizing staff productivity, strong team building skills, and creating or changing team/ corporate culture. Darius’ background as a trainer to new clinicians and licensed psychotherapists within organizational settings have resulted in increased fiscal retention, reduced staff turnover, and creation of on-site staff development opportunities. In addition, Darius contracts with community not-for-profit organizations to offer consultation, training, and clinical supports to promote community mental health objectives.

***Please contact by telephone or email for additional information or a free consultation to discuss your organizational/ team needs.***

Darius’ interest in performance coaching emerged through psychotherapy practice. It had become common that clients would describe their desires to solve their own problems, perform at their very best despite circumstances or obstacles and most paralleled in this way. Therapy illuminated how every day or unique stressors acted as precipitants to underlying anxiety-based, trauma-based and depressive conditions in the absence of internal resource and external supports. By integrating evidenced-based modalities in a less structured, coaching fashion, client were offered space to goal-set, deconstruct, and reorganize priorities that reflected present needs for greater quality of life and life balance without the limiting operations of traditional psychotherapy. Performance coaching tasks became client-specific, contextual, skill-building, goal-oriented and solution focused to a larger audience.

Psychotherapy services are available to children, adolescents, and adults including individual psychotherapy and family psychotherapy.


New York University: Master of Arts in Applied Psychology (Mental Health Counseling and Wellness)- New York, NY

Howard University: Bachelor of Science- Washington, DC